Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a session?


I get booked up very far in advanced so be sure to message me as soon as you know which month your baby is due. Let me know as soon as possible, so I can prebook the session, we can't book the exact date because we don't know when baby will arrive. But we can put you down in the month you are due, in a two week block. So once baby arrives, make sure you contact me ASAP to get your actual session date booked.

Cake Smash

Contact me a couple of months before baby turns one. We can then try and book the session close to babies 1st birthday, but with enough time to get the photos to you before the big day.

What age is best for newborn sessions?

Newborn babies tend to sleep a lot, which gives me the BEST opportunity to work through my unique set of poses with a calm and sleepy baby. The ideal age is around 10 days. Contact me as soon as baby is born so I can confirm your session date.

(Sometimes things don't go as planned and baby might spend a little extra time in hospital for example, in this case, let me know, I can work with slightly older babies, please contact me to discuss further)

What is the difference between Mini and Full Sessions?

Mini sessions are 100% about your newborn baby, I get as many photos and poses in the time slot. Full sessions involve parents and siblings. I work with the family to try and get family portraits and sibling portraits with the newborn.

What happens on the day of the session?


I create a relaxed, comfortable environment for the baby so we can get as many poses as possible, while baby remains happy and calm. Sessions typically take 2-3 hours, with no sessions going over 3 hours. If you are bringing siblings for a full session, I have toys and things to entertain them, and a few drinks snacks on hand for everyone. I will guide you through everything on the day, as I work through my portfolio of baby poses.

Milestones and cake smash

My early years sets are simple, and minimal. I prefer not to work to themes, so please check my social media feeds for up to date styles that I offer for early years. I supply the cake in either 'naked' cake style or giant cupcake. If you have allergies please provide your own cake, I can supply an allergy free cake, but that will be an additional £30 on the session.

What should I bring to my session?

I make everything as comfortable and relaxing as possible for my newborns and families. Bring an extra feed or stay well hydrated if you are breast feeding. Tea, coffee & snacks are offered, but please bring anything extra if you prefer, or have allergies. Dummies are great to help settle babies too if you have one.

Can I bring siblings to the session?

Book a full session and bring siblings along for a family photoshoot

What should I wear to a Full family session?

Ideally wear neutral clothing, with no logos, or busy patterns. Something plain, basic and light is perfect.

What equipment or camera do you use?

I have a fully equipped studio with professional lighting equipment, dedicated newborn props, backdrops and sets. I use the latest in Camera equipment and currently have a Canon R5.

What happens after my session?

Sneak peaks will be provided ASAP, usually within a couple of days.

I aim to have your gallery to view within 7 days (please bare with me during busy times, during busy months you might have to wait a little longer)

Once your gallery is ready I will provide you with client access so you can browse the gallery and download your chosen images from my website.

Please note galleries will only be accessible for 1 year

What safety measure do you have for newborns?

Safety and care of my newborns is my first priority. Not only do I have 10 years experience posing newborns I have taken courses focused on baby safety during photography. I am meticulous with everything from the volume of the white noise, to protect their hearing, to the temperature of the studio. Babies are safely posed using specialist techniques, and I always make sure I have an extra pair of hands ready as my 'squatter' so that baby is supported. All my buckets are weighted, and my props and sets are designed with babies safety and comfort in mind. The session is lead by the cues from the baby.

Are twin sessions priced the same?

Yes they are, I don't need to tell you twins are double the work love, but my session length and price remains the same. We might not get through as many poses, but we will be able to get some incredible 1 in a million twin newborn shots.